Top 10 School Supplies for Nursing Students and How to Use Them

It's official! Even though it's still summer, there are school supplies popping up in all the stores. Adrianne's college town is seeing a new influx of students who are about to start prepping for the coming semester. So that means it's time to shop for school supplies. Adrianne's not even in school anymore, yet she still wants to hit the sales.

By the time you get to college, you probably know what supplies you want and need, but let's challenge you to think outside the box.  Here are Adrianne's Top 10 Nursing School Supplies...

...and How to Use Them.

It wouldn't be Nursing Uncensored if you didn't get actionable tips to help you out. 

This episode will also be posted as a blog with links to some of my favorite school supplies and a link you can use to purchase. Each purchase through these links supports the podcast. Find it HERE.


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