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Top 10 Summer Prep Tips for New Nursing Students

If you're an incoming nursing student, you already know the benefits of working ahead. In this episode,  Adrianne presents some things you should think about while sitting by the pool or hiding in the air conditioning between now and the end of August. (These tips wouldn’t hurt you returning students either!)

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Food Prep for Nurses ft. Brad McLaughlin

Brad is back and we're talking about preparing food for a three-day-stretch of 12-hour shifts. We cover tips and tricks for food prep and preservation, how nurses show love with potlucks, and Brad's food-related side gig with Pampered Chef.

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Poop Clean-up ProTips with Craig of Keep It Real RN

Adrianne is joined again by Craig of the popular nursing brand Keep It Real RN. They're back to teach you how to go from massive poopstravaganza to squeaky clean patient with as little stress as possible for everyone involved.

This episode is gross, funny, informative, and destined to make you a poop cleaning superstar.

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