The Sweaty Nurse's Remedy List: Part 2

 Here in the United States, we’re experiencing the “Dog Days of Summer”. As the heat and humidity persist, many of us have no tolerance for poly-blend scrubs and running our butts off for half the day. Sadly, quitting a job from May to October just isn’t realistic for most of us. That in mind, let’s talk about some more ways all you fellow sweaty nurses can make it through these final hot weeks of the year. 

25 Nurses' Week Gift Ideas from a Nurse

National Nurses Week will take place May 6-12, 2019 . It’s a great time to show the nurses in your life how much you appreciate all the things they do to improve the lives and health of others. While the gifts we really want are adequate staffing and a violence-free workplace, we also appreciate the smaller gifts ranging from beautiful gestures to helpful gadgets. Here are 25 ideas.

When I Get Ready for Work...

It took me a long time to design my perfect get-ready-routine, but I’ve learned through trial and error what makes me feel good and what doesn’t. I encourage and of you newbies, or any healthcare worker to pull any steps I’ve laid out that may smooth out those pre-work hours. As your shifts roll on, pay attention to what things have the most lasting positive effect on your work and dump anything that doesn’t.

Pulmonary auscultation troubleshooting

I got a question from a listener about this and wanted to share it here for the students and newbies who may be having the same problem.

Q:  How do you hear breath sounds with the noise of the room? I have a hard time hearing anything at all and I'm afraid I'm going to miss something.

When I Get Home From Work...

While I love spontaneity as much as the next person, I am very much a creature of habit. This is especially true during the hours before I show up for a 12-hour shift and the hours after. Here’s a step-by-step rundown of what I do before each shift.

The Sweaty Nurse's Remedy List

Year round, I get so hot when I'm at work, I can't stand it. I'm always on the move, turning patients, running for bed alarms, lifting, bending....and sweating! Others have told me they have a similar problem and are tired of looking gross and smelling bad after only an hour on shift.

So I have a few tips for all of you sweaty nurses.

5 Nurse's Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves. We all have them. They're things that happen on  long hospital shift that just dance on your last nerve.  Venting in a safe space (without violating HIPAA) is therapeutic for many of us and some peoples' pet peeves are hilarious.