Top 10 Summer Prep Tips for New Nursing Students

New nursing students everywhere are in the final stages of preparation before starting their programs - getting health records submitted, going through orientation, making sure they're signed up for the right classes. Simultaneously, they're all trying to enjoy as much summer as possible before they settle in for the long-haul on the road to becoming a nurse.

If you're an incoming nursing student, you already know the benefits of working ahead. In this episode,  Adrianne presents some things you should think about while sitting by the pool or hiding in the air conditioning between now and the end of August. (These tips wouldn’t hurt you returning students either!)

Adrianne breaks down her Top 10 Preparation Tips for New Nursing Students.  This was originally a blog post she wrote back in 2018, but due to popular demand, it’s now in audio form. Don’t be fooled though, there are some perks to the blog. We’ve included some related links from the original posting that you may enjoy. Please check them out if you want some very memorable memory devices and also maybe get a little giggle.

Here’s a video about the metric system. Make it your friend now.
U.S. Office Of Education - "Metric Education" (PSA, 1978)

Just when you thought rapping white dudes couldn’t get any nerdier...
The Greatest Medical Terminology Rap Ever

Kick up some vintage vibes with this parody of a vintage Frankie Valli hit.
Electrolytes Song (Big Girls Don't Cry Parody)

Speaking of vintage, I wonder if Freddie Mercury would be into this parody.
Bohemian Polypharmacy

Let’s get serious for a sec. This video from Nurse Nacole should be a nursing school requirement. Learn how to read a textbook, because you’re probably doing it wrong.
How to Study from a Textbook Effectively

If you want some helpful infographics for metric conversions, check out our board.
Nursing Uncensored Med Math  Pinterest Board

Did you know there is a separate APA guide for digital sources? Get the book!
APA Style Guide to Electronic References, 6th ed.


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