The Nursing School Roller Coaster with Jillian: Pt. 1

Welcome to Season 4 of Nursing Uncensored! In this episode, Adrianne embarks upon a conversation with pal and co-worker, Jillian. Jillian has just graduated from Nursing School and is awaiting boards at the time of this recording. She’s got a lot of great stuff to say which is why this talk at NU Headquarters was so dang long.

The conversation winds around and through topics such as

-finding out “who you will be” after nursing school

- podcasts and other resources for learning

-anxiety from nursing school skills test outs

-the struggles of having a personal life in nursing school

-and Adrianne tells a story in which her class collectively gets the shits

There is so much more the cover, so settle in for the long haul. Part one awaits.

Come back for part 2!


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