Listener Request: How I Became a Nurse - Adrianne's Roller Coaster Story

There is more than one way to become a nurse. Adrianne’s journey was more of a saga. Recently, she got a message from a listener asking Adrianne to tell her story. The listener wanted to know things like how old Adrianne was when she finished, what degree path she chose, and what obstacles she faced along the way.

Becoming a nurse is a difficult undertaking, and many of you know that is a gross understatement. The material is hard, has real-life consequences, AND the system is broken and inefficient making it all that much harder. If you know and love someone who is working towards or through nursing school, this may give you some perspective on what they’re experiencing. If you’re on the journey yourself and also leaping hurdles, know that your hard work will pay off. Keep going. If I can do it, you can do it.

Come back next time for part 2 of the last episode, The Nursing School Roller Coaster with Jillian.

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