Night Shift Myths: Throwback Episode ft. Andrew Craig

This episode is taking us back to August of 2017 when Nursing Uncensored was still called Med Room Chronicles: Nursing Uncensored. This episode was lost in the cloud til recently. So Adrianne polished it up and is presenting it here for your amusement.

Andrew and Adrianne talk about common myths held about nurses working the night shift. Night nurses can’t help but cringe when folks say to us “you must love how quiet night shift is, with all the patients sleeping”. Um, not exactly.

This episode lays out some 3rd shift truths - but make no mistake, we love our staff on all shifts - we can’t do this without each other.

Listeners beware, this was recorded via phone while Andrew was speeding down a Midwestern Interstate. The quality is not what we’ve grown into here at Nursing Uncensored, but this conversation was so good, it couldn’t be lost in a vault forever.

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