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When I Get Ready for Work...

It took me a long time to design my perfect get-ready-routine, but I’ve learned through trial and error what makes me feel good and what doesn’t. I encourage and of you newbies, or any healthcare worker to pull any steps I’ve laid out that may smooth out those pre-work hours. As your shifts roll on, pay attention to what things have the most lasting positive effect on your work and dump anything that doesn’t.

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The Sweaty Nurse's Remedy List

Year round, I get so hot when I'm at work, I can't stand it. I'm always on the move, turning patients, running for bed alarms, lifting, bending....and sweating! Others have told me they have a similar problem and are tired of looking gross and smelling bad after only an hour on shift.

So I have a few tips for all of you sweaty nurses.

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