End-of-life Care Discussion with Dorothy

Dorothy returns for her 4th Nursing Uncensored Appearance! Actually, this is the second half of our hours-long discussion. You heard the first half in the episode, Dorothy the Medical Examiner Investigator Returns.

In this episode, her and I break down palliative care vs hospice.

We discuss what they are and the differences between the two, work on dispelling myths and explain benefits.

We also talk about the American relationship, or lack of, with death. We venture into what death looks like and how family members can be involved in the care provided at end-of-life.

Dorothy gives us a book recommendation on the topic of America and the development of the funeral industry: The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford (link below - not sponsored).

We do a PSA for Advanced Directives - if you're an adult with a beating heart, you need one.

We talk about end-of-life cultural considerations in the hospital, as well as briefly dip our toes into the topic of Death with Dignity and human euthanasia.

If that isn't enough, I'm sure there is more we've forgotten to list here.

Enjoy your journey into getting more familiar with one of the few things that unite us all, death.


The American way of death
By Jessica Mitford