Fan Mail Pt. 1: Confidence (or lack of), hospital beds, languages, and pulmonary toileting

Hey guys, we got fan mail! Tabitha reached out with a few topics she wanted to hear us talk about, and we sure as hell did. Two hours’ worth! You get one hour this week and one hour next week, so don't go anywhere.

Also, we recorded this episode on the fly while Andrew was traveling - he was awesome enough to go to the big box store and buy a headset at 5 am so we could do this. That's dedication.

That said - be kind, the audio quality at times reflects the fact that we pulled this  'ish" together before the sun was up. Sorry for the pops and crackles, but as I've said before, this is real life, y'all.

Listen in as we talk about a million things like confidence (or lack of), hospital beds, languages, pulmonary toileting, and lots of stuff in between.

Come back next week for part 2!



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