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Top 10 School Supplies for Nursing Students

I asked my pal and graduate student, Brad, what school supplies he felt were essential for nursing students. He replied “books, a binder and a pen”. Clearly he doesn’t have the love for office supplies and organization that I do, so we’re going to leave him out of this conversation for now.

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Adrianne's Favorite iOS Apps for All College Students

 I'm a bit of an app hoarder, yet I only keep those that are actually helpful or entertaining in my day-day-to-day life. Needless to say, that's still a lot of apps. These are the 20 iOS apps that I find the most helpful and recommend for any college student, nursing or otherwise.

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Prep Tips: the Summer Before Nursing School

If you're an incoming nursing student, you probably already know the benefits of working ahead. Here are some things you should think about while sitting by the pool or hiding in the AC between now and August.

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