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The Sweaty Nurse's Remedy List: Part 2

 Here in the United States, we’re experiencing the “Dog Days of Summer”. As the heat and humidity persist, many of us have no tolerance for poly-blend scrubs and running our butts off for half the day. Sadly, quitting a job from May to October just isn’t realistic for most of us. That in mind, let’s talk about some more ways all you fellow sweaty nurses can make it through these final hot weeks of the year. 

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Adrianne's Top 20 Gifts for Nurses from Amazon

Well, folks, Christmas is just around the corner but it’s not too late to buy your favorite nurse an interesting, useful, or fun gift. Today I’m going to let you in on my Top 20 Favorite Gifts for Nurses from Amazon.

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Must-have iOS Apps for Nurses & Nursing Students: Pt. 3

Now that Adrianne has helped you fill up all that extra memory on your iPhone with the previous 18 apps, she's got 9 more for you! In part three, she shares the last nursing-related apps in her folder. But never fear, this app-queen will probably find and share more with you as the semester rolls on. 

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