25 Nurses' Week Gift Ideas from a Nurse

National Nurses Week in the United States is approaching! National Nurses Week will take place May 6-12, 2019 . May 6, which kicks off the week is National Nurses Day, and the last day, May 12, is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. These days serve as book ends for a week dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the profession.

It’s a great time to show the nurses in your life how much you appreciate all the things they do to improve the lives and health of others. While the gifts we really want are adequate staffing and a violence-free workplace, we also appreciate the smaller gifts ranging from beautiful gestures to helpful gadgets.

I’ve curated a list of 25 items that I believe make lovely gifts for the new and experienced nurse. I’m going to list them out for you, along with purchase links, for easy Nurses Week gift shopping. I’m making it so effortless for you to look thoughtful and not break the budget. As a bonus, some of these gifts are sure to create a giggle or two.

If you’re a nurse reading this post, just go ahead and leave this post open in your browser for your significant other or room mate to see. A little hint dropping never hurt anyone.

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite gift items, a few of which I own myself.

Don’t Touch My Pen

This statement will ring even truer once you give that special nurse this multi-use pen. Not only does it have the inscription “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always” to add to the sentimentality of the item, but it also functions as a stylus and pen light. Makes a lovely gift for the new grad as well as the experienced nurse.

From Pens to Pins….

This pin is a simple, yet a great way to recognize that new grad in your life. Mine was a gift from my mother and I proudly wear it as an adornment on my work badge. Even though I’m no longer a new grad, I am proud to sport a replica of the oil lamp carried by my girl, Florence Nightingale.

“Badassest” Coffee Mug

You all know that here at Nursing Uncensored, we love a well placed naughty word. This coffee mug doesn’t disappoint. While we all have days we feel like we’re not at the top of our game, we all deserve to feel like the badasses we are. Not many people can do what we can do. Let your favorite nurse know you admire them by telling them just where they rank among all the badasses. They’re the badassest. Hands down.

Is that PO or PR?

I love this little chill pill so much, I just ordered one. Perfect on a lab coat, scrub top or even your non-hospital attire. Wanna remind people around you to chill out? - refer them to the pin.

Thanks for checking out my list. Drop a comment below if you already own or you purchased an item on this list. I’d love to hear what you think.


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