Self-care in the new year: 10 Favorite Items

While I’m terrible at making resolutions and seeing them through, I do like the idea of fresh starts, or even just a periodic reboot. I like to use the end-of-year hype to motivate myself to refocus on what is important to me.

Since I’m now officially a college graduate, I feel even more compelled to do a life reset. One very important aspect of this reset is self-care. I have developed good habits and stuck with them for years, but I’d like to stay on the wagon, so to speak, with more of these habits for longer stretches of time.

I’m more likely to stick to a habit if it’s easy to work into my already busy schedule and I enjoy it. While good self-care is not a product of purchased items, there are lots of great products available to make the process a bit more fun, easy, and luxurious - all motivators in my book. I admit I spend a lot of my scrolling screen time cruising the web for interesting items.

This list contains items I either already use in my self-care regimen, or have on my Amazon wish list. Please check them out and to share your own favorites with me. I’m always on the hunt. See the full and ever-changing list at:

Bend It Back, Jack

This yoga wheel is one of the items that I use almost daily. I spend a lot of time hunched over - my posture could use some work - but if I, as I say, roll out on this, I feel like it helps realign my back and gives me a really good stretch. I had to watch some YouTube videos to learn how to use it in a full workout , but there are plenty of those. I highly recommend this - but if you have back issues, use caution, talk to your doctor, you know the drill….

I’m jumping on the Daily Pages bandwagon

This is an item in my Amazon shopping cart right now. I’m a sucker for a great day/project planner and this one looks like something that would be fun to fill out, increasing the likelihood that I’ll use it regularly. I’ve heard a lot of vloggers talk about doing “daily pages” and this planner acts as an almost-journal. It creates space for goal prioritization and reflection - both things that I find necessary while juggling multiple projects and an erratic schedule, like a lot of nurses do all the time. If you use this journal, I’d love the scoop on how it has (or hasn’t) affected your productivity.

Flush your face.

I just got this little red Neti pot in the mail - I’ve never used one before, but the personal testimony of a number of friends has me curious. I grew up with a lot of sinus problems (it’s a long, boring story) and I also help my patients irrigate their sinuses all the time. I figured it was time to practice what I preach and flush out my face.

I use this every time I shower.

I can never again be without one of these. I can brag that I have very normal, nice feet and I owe a lot of that to this little curved foot file. I’ve tried other foot exfoliating products and this is the only one I’ve looked forward to using every day. It feels really good to fit my heel in the scoop and scrub after being in the same shoes pounding the hallways for 12-13 hours.

Steam me.

This is on my wish list. As evidenced by my new Neti pot purchase, I’ve got sinus drama. I often feel either dried out and painful, or swollen af in the winter when the house is closed up and the heat is pumping. I recently became a theater fan (yes, this is relevant) and I learned that performers have these really fancy personal steamer devices to protect their voices. I thought it would feel really nice to try one of these, too, even though I am definitely not singing for my patients.

No time for the tub.

The bath bomb craze didn’t hit me…I’m a shower kinda’ gal. I want a little luxury too, just without the added time commitment. These little shower steamers seem like the perfect alternative to soaking in glitter and unicorn bubbles. I plan to try this multi-pack of essential oil melts in the coming months.

Buh-bye eye bags

If you work nights, or long shifts, you probably have had days where you could pack for a European vacation with the bags under your eyes. Well, roll it out. I’ve been eyeballing this ice roller for awhile now and just haven’t pulled the trigger. I’ve tried cold eye masks, and ice packs, which have their own perks, but I like the idea of the rolling/massage aspect of this device. As a chronic migraine sufferer, this seems like a great way to manage the swelling and pain I experience.

Soften up.

Ok, moving away from the face and sinuses, people. This wish list item is going to be my special splurge - these hand and feet masks are going to become my buddies for Netflix and chill (+ ice cream) nights coming up. Wanna try them with me? Meet me at the couch.

I could fill a book, and I will.

I’m considering buying one of these for my unit. Nurses have a sense of humor that can’t be matched by non-healthcare folks…the things we hear you probably wouldn’t believe. Add in delirium, smart ass old men, benzos and just plain funny people and you’ve got a book worth cruising during your break.

Your eyes will thank you.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time looking at computer and phone screens, and being exposed to really harsh lighting in the hospital. I was definitely feeling eye-strain and finding myself squinting at work. I recently started regularly wearing these UV blocking glasses for all screen and work time. I’ve only had them a couple weeks, so it’s hard to say how big of an impact they’re having. I do feel like I am squinting less and not feeling as fatigued at the end of my shifts.

Shower Sips.
A little bonus for those of you still reading….

Who says a little vino in the shower is a bad thing? In fact, after a run of shifts like I just had, it’s practically necessary. My shower has disappointingly few surfaces to safely place a stemmed or necked beverage. Never fear, the solution is only a few days delivery away. Just make sure you stick that puppy on good. I don’t want anyone getting hurt, especially not while naked. Drink responsibly! Cheers!

I hope you enjoyed this list. Use this link to access my full list, which I am adding to often. I may have a little online shopping addiction., but it’s impossible to halt when there’s so much awesome stuff out there.

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Happy 2019! Make this the year you take really good care of yourself with or without items on this list.