Things I love that I got on Amazon (Affiliate Marketing links)

Things I love that I got on Amazon (Affiliate Marketing links)

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I love these Mini Shears. I mainly use them for opening up lactobacillus and lidocaine patch packages, but they’re great for any task and they take up very little space in my already-crowded pockets. And they’re so damn cute. #notsponsored

You guys, I can’t stop repurchasing these pants. I’ve been wearing them for almost 3 years and while they last a long time, i keep buying new pairs. I catch myself wearing these pants for long car trips, going to the gym, running errands. I love the barely-noticeable cargo pockets on both legs, and the waistband phone pocket. Maybe I shouldn’t be putting these on blast because I want them all. #notsponsored

Cherokee iFlex CK002 Mid Rise Pull-On Pant Black XL
Cherokee Scrubs Womens Child Code

Several nurses on my unit own this coat and wear it faithfully. It’s durable and stretchy, yet has a feminine flair, especially in the sleeves. Hood is detachable, and there is mild elastic in the wrists. Pockets are deep. <3 #notsponsored

I love this tablet. It’s my faithful companion. During nursing school, I taped up the cameras so I could use it as a PDF reader and reference resource at my clinical sites and in class. It’s also great for watching videos on my break. Love Asus products.