NU ft. in Working Nurse Magazine

In 2017, I was flattered to learn that Ersilio Pompilio (of Nurses & Hypochondriacs fame) featured Nursing Uncensored in an article she wrote for Working Nurse Magazine. As a fan of N&H myself, this was a flattering shout-out. Thanks to Ersilio.


✲ As a nurse, you may feel like no one really gets you like another nurse can. Often, people who aren’t nurses just don’t understand the conundrums you go through on a daily basis. If you find yourself nodding in agreement at that sentiment, you’d probably enjoy another nurse-produced podcast: “Nursing Uncensored,” hosted by Adrianne Behning, RN.

“Nursing Uncensored” is dedicated to frank discussions about the joys and challenges of being an American nurse. Behning tackles subjects that weigh on the minds of nurses while also creating a space for laughter, reflection and celebration. Episodes like “My First Patient Funeral,” “Calling Patients Wrong Names,” “Relationships with Management“ and “Report Styles” will be relatable to any nurse with a pulse, combining shared experience, humorous reflection and good advice.”
— Ersilio Pompilio, RN, MSN, PNP

Based on this unsolicited review, Nursing Uncensored is doing what it’s intended to do - unify, educate, start conversations and provide some advice while having some laughs.

Find the original article (and some other great nursing podcasts) HERE.