A Letter from the President of UI

Here at Nursing Uncensored, we're pretty open, honest and raw about out experiences, but not without remembering that we are representing our profession (which we love), our employers and educational institutions. These considerations paid off because Adrianne showed up to work to find a nice letter from University of Iowa President, Bruce Harreld in her mailbox.

The short letter read:

  I would like to extend my thanks to you for the positive impact from your contribution to Iowa Public Radio’s article “Iowa Podcasters Creating Programming They Want to Hear.” As a world-renowned public institution of higher learning, we must engage in sharing all the wonderful things taking place at the University of Iowa. Again, thank you for your time and commitment to this wonderful institution.
— Bruce Harreld, UI President

To that I say, Mr. Harreld, as a proud Hawkeye since 1999, I (and the Nursing Uncensored podcast) are proud to call this state home. I’m proud to be a member of the University of Iowa community.