About Nursing Uncensored

Nursing Uncensored (formerly Med Room Chronicles) is a series of conversations hosted by nurse Adrianne Behning. This podcast opens up frank discussions about everything on the minds of nurses.

This is a space meant to create laughter in addition to serious conversations about the joys and challenges of living life as an American nurse.

Nursing Uncensored strives to provide education and advocacy through storytelling, experience sharing, and humorous reflection.

Our strong, and at times inappropriate, opinions are entirely our own and do not represent those of our employers, schools, or professional associations.

Listen in on our phone calls, but tender ears beware.


We respect HIPAA at all times.

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Meet the Host

Adrianne Behning, BSN, RN.

Adrianne has been a night-shift pulmonary step-down and palliative care nurse since she became an RN in 2016. She attended community college for her ADN. She completed her BSN through the University of Iowa College of Nursing in December 2018. Prior to nursing, Adrianne accumulated 11 years experience as a nursing assistant in a level one teaching hospital. Adrianne is interested in being an educator in an informal setting, using humor and storytelling as meaningful teaching tools.

On her nights off, she calls herself an artist, traveler, foodie, former radio host, and photographer. She loves MacGuyver-ing problems in creative ways at all times.

Adrianne began podcasting in 2017 with zero knowledge on audio editing, online conferencing, podcast production, online marketing, or any of the things that would have been useful for starting a podcast. Through a combination of online research, YouTube tutorials, podcasts, and trial and error, among other sources, Adrianne learned how to create an interesting podcast that was enjoyable to listen to, built a website and started a small online store.

In mid-2019, Nursing Uncensored reached over 100, 000 downloads and nearly 5, 000 subscribers. As this brand grows and evolves you can expect to see more content from Adrianne and her nursing pals.

I use a hot pink Littman Cardiology IV that I had engraved with my original licensure date. In 2018, I added an Eko Amplifier to it.

I use a hot pink Littman Cardiology IV that I had engraved with my original licensure date. In 2018, I added an Eko Amplifier to it.

Random Facts About Adrianne

By Adrianne

1. I like lists. I use them in my work and personal life, digital and on paper.

2. I faced a lot of obstacles getting through nursing school. I was in school from 2007 until the end of 2018. Some day I’ll share my timeline.

3. I love being on committees. So far the tally is: I am chair of one, co-chair of another, and sporadically attend a third.

4. My favorite scrubs are Cherokee Iflex/Infiniti and Butter Soft Brand.

5. I have a Boston Terrier (with one blue and one brown eye) name McNamara (Mac for short) who live likes a doggy king.

6. I would eat tacos for 3 meals a day if I could.

7. I am a Xennial in every way. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. It’s still true.

8. I am almost entirely nocturnal. I’ve worked the night shift since 2003.

9. I listen to podcasts constantly. It’s like reading only my eyes don’t hurt.

10. One of my professional interests is end-of-life care. I'll talk about it with anyone who lets me.

11. I have a serious problem with drinking Pepsi.

12. I quit smoking in 2014 after ten years of stupidity and self-harm. Now I'm a respiratory nurse.

13. I love to cook. Bae and I get fancy over here. We watch a lot of cooking videos. I love David Chang, Matty Matheson, Anthony Bourdain, and a bunch of others. We also live for Bon Apetit’s YouTube channel

14. I love radio and podcasting and I want to get really good at it.

15. If I could make a living as an artist, I would’ve gone to school for that. Instead, I do crafts at 3am.

16. I am really good at calming agitated or scared patients. The downside is it drains me really fast.

17. I love apps and using technology to make my life easier.

18. At the time of this post, I have 40 houseplants.

19. I talk too much, but I know when it's important to shut up.

20. I believe nurses have the power to change healthcare in ways we can't even fathom yet and that EVERY nurse has something valuable to contribute.

I love reading messages from listeners and fans, so please feel free to email or direct message me on social media. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able.


Sometimes, you gotta slay your own dragons.

Sometimes, you gotta slay your own dragons.