Like most nurses, my personal life and side projects are as busy as my on-the-clock hours. I'd like to share a little about myself and some of my hard work outside the Nursing Uncensored podcast.



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Adrianne Behning, RN

Creator, Artistic Director, Host

Adrianne has been a night-shift pulmonary step-down and palliative care nurse since she became an RN in 2016. She completed her BSN in December 2018. She boasts 11 years experience as a nursing assistant in a large teaching hospital before becoming a nurse. Adrianne is interested in being an educator in an informal setting, using humor and storytelling as meaningful teaching tools.

On her nights off, she calls herself a an artist, traveler, foodie, former radio host, and photographer.

Adrianne is trying to be professional while still being herself – and herself swears too much and consumes way too much sugar. She blogs far less than she wants to, and would love to vlog more, but she’d rather just sit in her pajamas with bedhead and eat ice cream on her days off.